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Advance use Pomodoro Smart Timer with Automate

Pomodoro Smart Timer support Automate so you can use with very complex task. In this tutorial, I show you have to blink you flash when Pomodoro work session finish. 1. To use Automate, you have to install it first: From CH Play: From APK: 2. Here is the screenshot step by step - Launch Automate after installed - Navigate to community - Search my pre-defined module for flash blinking and download it   - After downlaod it, you will see it on Automate main screen list, let tap it and give it permission to control the flash of camera - After that, you need go to it detail, just tap - You tạp in the begin block and scroll down to copy the Flow URI (just tạp on it to copy) - Now exit the Automate. open Pomodoro Smart Timer and paste you Automate Flow URI. Remember to enable Automate.   - Remember to save you config, now you can